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[Email ID]
The email address you offer will become your own BITHOLIC ID and will be used for all future communications, including account recovery.

Protect your email account like you would your BITHOLIC account and sign-ups using throwaway email addresses will be rejected.

Password must be at least 8 characters long including 1 special character and alphanumeric characters.

NEVER use a password for an exchange that you use ANYWHERE else,
especially for the email address you sign up with.

1. Please use other email domains as emails mentioned below may block the reception of email.
- yahoo.com, msn.com, hotmail.com, outlook.com

2. Email providers usually identify spam and suspicious emails and marks those emails as spam. So please check 'Spam' box in the event that you can not find the email.

3. BITHOLIC temporarily stops providing its services to a citizen or a resident of:
a) the United States;or
b) the countries sponsoring terrorism or terror-suspicious activities